Today's new song "Doli" on-air!

Your patience has been! Today 10 / 16's in the ending theme of the Pocket Monster XY ( ex way )' 19:00 ~ broadcast on-air start!

Heroine, Serena's song, and Shoko Nakagawa also was responsible for the lyrics.
Gary finished the best Pokemon ever, said.

Please see also our ★

■ TV-TOKYO Pokemon XY ( ex way )
Every Thursday 19:00.
[Show official site]


Aikawa nanase KH tribute the decision included "love"!

Aikawa nanase KH tribute the decision included "love"!

-Product details

Release date: 12/3/2014
Product # :AVCD-93054
Price: tax ¥ 2,777 / including tax ¥ 2,999

-Journal content ( order random )
Can't I dream girls / Silent Siren
Hots / Shoko Nakagawa
BREAK OUT! And Indigo wells Eire
Troublemaker / red Park
Sweet Emotion and Tokyo girls ' style
Also love so much / moumoon
She and my circumstances and Mizutani thousand heavy child + nanase Aikawa
Bye Bye Boy ( bye bye. ) / Jennifer Ellison
Hots / ODA, t. * Bonus track

11 / 16 (Sun) Anson LIVE, add guest decision!

More and more today from Shoko Nakagawa's new single 'Doli' on-air start as the ending theme song for Pokemon XY ( ex way )!

11/16 will take place at Zepp Diver City "Shoko NakagawaPRODUCE LIVE ' Anson connects human beings! ' Afro Samurai supported by d ' of as additional guests, Kawasaki decided cast of Isao, Pile.
Also, as support MC Yoshida of the Nippon broadcasting system sho Ki announcer also decided.

CD with live tickets "Shokotan ☆ lid bangai hen" being sold at Lawson ministop store Lawson ticket ( ) and national ″loppi″.
Tickets are limited so, take a look at soon!

Event outline
■ event name:Shoko NakagawaPRODUCE LIVE ' Anson connects human beings! "supported by d anime store
■ date: 11/16/2014 (days)
■ place:Zepp Diver City
■ time: [part 1] OPEN 14:00 and START 15:00 [part 2] OPEN 17:30 and START 18:30
■ Guest:
Tominaga TOMMY Hiroaki, Rika Matsumoto Pile additional decisions, angela [part 1]
[Part 2] Naomi Tamura, Aya Hirano, and Sasaki Isao (additional decision)
■ support MC: Yoshida, Ki ( Nippon broadcasting )

■ How to participate:
' TOKYO SHOKO ☆ LAND 2014-RPG with unknown memory-"Shokotan ☆ lid bangai hen Produced by Kohei Tanaka ( through Standard Edition SRCL-8603 ), ″loppi″ Lawson ticket ( and nationwide Lawson ministop stores sell ticket with CD customers subject to reservation and purchase the I want to be a.

* Lawson ticket HP
* Lawson ticket special: ' TOKYO SHOKO ☆ LAND 2014-RPG relatively unknown memory-"live raw photo ( out of all three random 1 ) presents
* For detailed information how to buy is the Lawson ticket HP( ) please check

■ live special HP:
* Other event details click here please

Live information has been updated!

Shoko Nakagawa 2015 live schedule has been updated!
Please see the Schedule page for more information.

Shoko Nakagawa Level30 Super greedy Festival (provisional) to be held!

[Dispatch! 】
Shoko Nakagawa Level30 Super greedy Festival (provisional) to be held!

5/4/2015 ( Mon, national holiday ) & 5/5 (Tue / holiday)
@ Mai Beach amphitheatre

We will soon detail! Stay tuned!

SHOKO NAKAGAWA LIVE TOUR 2014 greed revolution, start today!

Finally today than Shoko Nakagawa year Buri Live House Tour "SHOKO NAKAGAWA LIVE TOUR 2014 greed revolution has begun!

On that day 10/12, 13 performances of latest tickets etc check here for information!

☆ TOUR official site

☆ ticket information

☆ Toy information
[First] 【第二弾】 [FC limited]

☆ FCplace bonus

☆ tour limited planning and! Shokotan ☆ mobile official mobile site
* Only from feature phones, smartphones and accessible

could meet everyone in the place to look forward to!

Determine the 'Doli' released!

By 2015, spring, decided to release new single 'Doli'!

Pocket Monster XY TV anime ending theme ( weekly Thursday night at 7-TV-TOKYO in the television series broadcast on ), 10 / 16 broadcasting will be ON AIR from time!
Heroine, Serena's song, and Shoko Nakagawa also was responsible for the lyrics.
Let release date announced!

In the greed revolution LIVE TOUR 2014 FC membership limited toy sale!

[Sponsor "Giza pink! ' Members limited edition toy sale! 】

-[Fan club ' at Giza pink! "Members only /WOWLIGHT]
"TOKYO SHOKO ☆ LAND 2014-RPG with unknown memories ~" @ maihama my
Theater performances were sold out very popular toy miraculous resurrection!
FC members and will be sold in limited quantities.

☆ \4,000
+ Gradient mode switching, LED 9 colors (white/pink/blue/orange/yellow/red/purple/green/light pink)
Hologram (WOWGRAM) features
And with original strap
-Battery powered

-[Membership card & ticket holders]

Is a special ticket holder with Shokotan's favorite cat motif.
Usually somewhat to the body of a large size, fan club members only tickets can be stored.
Is a useful dish Chau membership card in the face of the cat.

2,000 yen
[Specification] size: approx. W92mm x H250mm, strap with steel/PVC

-[Report of file [blue edition]]
Important bulletin kept clean, storage [report of file [blue edition]].
Different color is pink version was sold out.

3,000 yen
[Specification] size :W228mm × H270mm/20 books can be stored / ring file

[Giza pink! ] News Bulletin No. 27 ships

[FC Newsletter No. 27 shipping notice]
10 / 10 (money) than we will ship via Yamato transport kuroneko mail bulletin 27,.
This ship is due to aggregate, on a ship, 2014 / 10 / 5 (day) currently, we have a valid expiration date in the Member subject.
* 10 / 6 (month) after the enrollment only to those who had ordered we ship with the joining kits.

Furthermore, 10 / 20 (month) to email your contact following FC Office by e-mail or telephone.

Shoko Nakagawa fan club ' at Giza pink! ' Secretariat
Phone: 03-3526-4107
* Business hours: 1:00 PM-4:00 PM (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)

SHOKO NAKAGAWA LIVE TOUR 2014 greed revolution official merchandise 'vol. 2' announced!




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