Shokotan heart SAE's "infinite ∞ blane Noir" released!


TV-TOKYO series "Pokemon home flock? 」

New show "flock House in Pokemon? 」
Weekly on Sundays at 8: ~ 8:30 TV-TOKYO series at broadcasting decision!

Pokemon information variety show "flock House in Pokemon? "10/4 (Sunday) TV-TOKYO series starting at!
Age and sex are different, but "like Pokemon! "That House many residents had" poke it immediately "on stage, is the latest Pokemon, of course, new appeal of Pokemon Pokemon love delivers!

Broadcast: 8 (Sunday) 10/4/2015:-8:30


"Shoko NakagawaZepp tour 2015 (tentative) tickets FC early start!


Official bromide in 2015 September release information!

Shoko Nakagawa official bromide-9/2015-will be released.
Come check out!

[Types] of 2
[Specification] L size
Price: 160 yen each (tax included)
[Sales outlets and period] WE SHOP table Omotesando store 9/1/2015 (Tuesday)-10/31 (Saturday)

And WE SHOP Omotesando branch store (Umeda animate and tennoji), Watanabe shopping September new product information here!


Additional early registration! "SHOKO NAKAGAWA LIVE TOUR by 2015 to-heart LUCKY POP ~"

Fall tour
~-Heart LUCKY POP ~ "
(I love Resurrection: mirrorcle-lucky pop)

Decided to add prior admission!

10/10 (Saturday)open 17:30 / start 18:00DiverCity in Zepp Tokyo
10/23 (Friday)open 18:30 / start 19:00Zepp Nagoya
10/25 (Sunday)open 16:30 / start 17:00Zepp Namba
* Prior acceptance of this, no performances of the 10/11 reception. Please be forewarned.

♦ tickets ♦
Designated seat ¥ 6000 yen (tax included)
* Drink separately required
* More than 3 years old need a ticket

♦ prior registration URL ♦

Early period: 8 / 9 (Sunday) 10:00 ~ 8/16 (Sunday) 23:59
lottery results announced: 8 / 18 (Tuesday) 15:00-8 / 21 (Friday) 23:00
Tickets and redemption period: 8 / 18 (Tuesday) 15:00-8 / 21 (Friday) 23:00
You follow in Loppi Lawson ministop store installed.
* Charge upfront fees: 324 yen per sheet, store Commission: 108 yen per sheet, shipping cost: 617 Yen / transfer
* Limit: 4

♦ notes ♦
"All tickets the lottery system.
◯ period have so expect a reception shortly after the start and just before the deadline, please.
"After you have completed will receive registration completion email. Please note that email addresses don't mistake.
"To the inquiries of the lottery by mail delayed election review period ends after suspect not answer.
○ available domain and receive email you receive "", "", "" Please set always.
For the "resale prohibited
Try reselling and reselling at an amount exceeding the ticket face value tickets purchased from our, or to Internet auction listing acts, Act to buy resale tickets assumes offers banned. There will be on and discovered previous acts, at the discretion of the show organisers their purchased tickets to disable a ticket refund and admission. Also, if you have already admitted to forcibly ordered exit. In addition, we use ticket ticket trouble tickets, even of our authorized sales agents non-ticket shop and purchase agency ya "scalpers" "auction" liable for the company.
○ payment deadline is always protect me. Even one minute after the above time deposit procedures will not be.

♦ contact ♦
050-5533-0888 disk garage DiverCity in ZEPP Tokyo
ZEPP Nagoya Sunday folk promotion 052-320-9100
ZEPP Namba Kyodo information 06-7732-8888

B - sontiquetteinfome - tion 0570-000-777
(24 hour voice guidance and operating - data - aware 10:00-20:00 some mobile phone / telephone non-company-wide PHS/IP)
* Connection possibility to the Navi in advance to your contractor please.

NHK radio 1 ragepro 2015 public live

Appeared as judges decision! NHK radio 1 ragepro 2015 public live

Program name: ragepro 2015
Air date: 8 / 30 (Sunday) 16:05-18:50
Japan's radio No. 1 (AM)
Overseas is NHK World Radio Japan, rajirurajiru (Internet) in the airs.

Judges: Kazuhiko Nishimura, Mr. Takashi Fujii, Shoko Nakagawa, MC: Suzuki perforated feed me

Teenager twenties young creators that produced original radio show and contest format, determining the No. 1 show "rajipro".
Please note release live from the studios of NHK.
Works produced by young creators, Guest judges and the listeners vote depends on the number 1. The organization won the No. 1 NHK radio airtime! Your radio is the jury.

♦ viewing proposals
Please visit the following site.
Deadline 8/21 (Friday) 10:00


FC "Giza pink! "Information please contact reception during the Obon period

Fan Club office telephone receptionist on the dates below closed Bon appétit.

Contact closed: 8/12 (Wednesday)-8/16 (Sunday)

Also, towards us during the above email contact is 8/17 (Monday) since
Please note that we will reply successively.

If you are spectacle, contact us by email from our
So you may get time to respond to your understanding in this thank you.




Discontinued soon! "Shoko Nakagawa-three greedy's birthday Festival 30 you! Gather round! "Official Live Photo

"Shoko Nakagawa-three greedy's birthday Festival 30 you! Gather round! "The sales period of the official Live Photo 7/31 (Friday) is. Focus page access date, so check early recommended the. 30-year-old Premier shot Shokotan's first day of permanent official live photo and will deliver. Don't miss to attend Memorial events live! * "Giza pink!" Limited Edition FC ID and password is Shoko NakagawaOfficial Fan Club "Giza pink! "Page after you login, please. ★ benefits ★-performing one in each set of names, dates and place name is entered, you can enter words such as your name and seat number.  -One in each set of Shokotan sign or message in print. [ver... A: the signs, [ver... B], [add / ver... C], [add / ver... D] of 3 set all different messages are printed. Details are below sales site please please date : up 7/31/2015 (Friday)

LINE audio stamp for Shoko Nakagawa released!

Today stamp LINE voice of Shoko Nakagawa Shokotan Giza talking stamps released! Of all 24 pieces, Shokotan familiar "gizakawayus" "ne petition" phrases, such as buccal cones from stamp cat Mamitasu emerged until rich variety. Voice recording frame by all terrible! Shokotan stamp lots of fun phrases to take advantage to talk! Sale 1 set 240 yen or LINE100 coins stamps speak Shokotan Giza; ------------------------------------------[IPhone/Android terminals installed stamp shop * LINE is available. [Reading is possible only on LINE STORE * iPhone/Android/PC. ------------------------------------------




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