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Fan Club office telephone receptionist on the dates below will be closed.

Contact closed: 12/30 (fire)-1/4 (days)

Also, to those we contact by email for the period's 1/5 (late)
Please note that we will reply successively.

If you are spectacle, contact us by email from our
So you may get time to respond to your understanding in this thank you.


On sale at the FC members only products "WOWLIGHT" Watanabe shopping

Giza pink had a sale on tour place! Finally sales start membership limited edition "WOWLIGHT"!
take a look at those who have missed buying the place.

★ WOWLIGHT ¥ 4,000 (tax included)

[Sale start date] 12/24/2014 (water) 12:00.
[Seven NET shopping in Watanabe shopping]
* This item is Giza pink! Member exclusives.
The other seven NET shopping membership Giza pink! In and must have been issued ID and password.
* Product number is limited. Please forgive me is sold out.

Watanabe entertainment-ofiscilgudsblog


2 / 22 (day) of Friends Disney Concert performer!

2 / 22 (date) in made ' Friends of Disney Concert-everyone to one song-' of
Shoko Nakagawa will be appeared as a guest singer.
This is the Disney songs and music in the place everyone enjoyed together in "all friends of Disney" concert.
Listening, watching, singing! Through singing Disney classics are fun together!

And the ' Friends of Disney Concert ?
Even if you not forget number of melody. Downtown Disney two-of from movies, TV shows, theme parks, video and
Show with lots of great "song and music" has been born.
' Friends of Disney Concert-songs that everyone one-' the Disney songs and music,
It is a place everyone enjoyed together "all friends of Disney" in concert.
For this concert the special bands and singers have
The Guide to the music of Disney World with scenes of excitement was projected on a large screen.
Love the Disney deluxe guest artists were friends of Disney) also appeared, numerous masterpieces of Disney.
Bands, singers and guest singer and place hell sing together next to corner too!
Or why not create time-all friends of Disney's best.
Listening, watching, singing! Through singing Disney classics are fun together!

■ Guest singer (50 sound order, titles omitted)
ASO nikaho-RI, Miu Sakamoto, Tomokazu Seki, Mai, May... the Little Glee Monster, watabiki Sayaka
■ Music Director: Shiraishi SAE Tri
■ production :TETSU (Bugs Under Groove)

[Coming soon]
-Let It Go ~ yourself ~ more Ana and the snow Queen
-Ancient Lullaby "Mérida and fear of Woods ' more
-Once Upon a Dream ~ day dream ~ "maleficent" than
More-Mickey Mouse March 'Mickey Mouse Club'
-Small world "New York World Expo ' better
-Once upon a time than the 'Tokyo Disneyland (R)'
More-door to freedom on the Tower Rapunzel
* Please note that songs may change.

Performance outline
■ Title: ' Friends of Disney Concert-everyone to one song-"
■ performance date: 2/22/2015 (days)
* day tour 11:00 opening / 12:00 concert
* night concert 16:00 opening / 17:00 concert
■ place:Tokyo International Forum Hall A
■ tickets (all seats reserved, tax incl.):
S seat: adult ¥ 8,000 / children ¥ 7,000 / A seat: adult ¥ 7,000 / children ¥ 6,000
* child rate for the 3-year-old to elementary school students please.
* the admission of children under 3 years old and we will refuse.
on general sale: 12/20/2014 (SAT) Lawson ticket etc at each play guide
official site click here
■ inquiries about performance: disk garage 050-5533-0888 (weekdays 12: 00-19: 00)


12 / 27 Anson Academy 4-hour special! Call for viewing!

In the NHK-FM every Saturday afternoon 2-4 Anson Academy of broadcasting.
12/27 (SAT) time to expand, will send in the four-hour special!
Will's first Studio release live viewing wanted!

Kushida Akira, Pile, violinist Okabe burnished wisdom, guitarist Mr. Takayuki Manabe, Kotaro's cellist
There are also live & live music! In addition to Abe Akira & collaborative Fujisaki announcers also!

Location: Shibuya, Tokyo's NHK broadcasting center 505 Studio

[Admission application methods]
150-8001, Japan NHK-FM Anson Academy admission staff

* In the reply-paid postcard contact.
You write your address, name, telephone number on the back of the 往信.
Please fill your name and your address on the surface of the reply.
Please do not fill in the "ballpoint pen can erase'.

* Deadline 12/16 (fire) is received.
Please note that if applicants will be lottery.

* Ferris wheel admission only postcards, one person will be one. Please note that the reception in the mail does not.
One postcard per person admission. When you enter a winning card you do not have cannot be viewing.

National comic artist Conference in manga Kingdom-Tosa appeared!

2 / 21 pm national cartoonist Conference in manga Kingdom, Tosa (Saturday) will be held, will be starring Shoko Nakagawa!
Fujisawa Toru and talk show will do! After the talk-show mini Shoko Nakagawa.
Please come!

date: 00: 2/21/2015 (SAT) 13:30-15:00
Location: Kochi Prefectural culture Hall (Orange Hall)
Guest: Toru Fujisawa, Shoko Nakagawa
Tickets: 12/7 10:00 than at ticket agencies launch General.
Adv. 1,500 yen, day of ¥ 2,000 [all seats reserved]

Please check the event website for more information.

Sound returns road ' at Giza pink! "Okinawa official FC add announcing (=-ω °)-

Sound returns road ' at Giza pink! ' Okinawan official fanclub tour additional planning presentation (=-ω °)-
* We have extended application 1/16/2015!


[GSA pink! Official tour application URL:
* Okinawa's sponsor "Giza pink! "Members only specials ( with tickets! Photo shoot! ) We offer! For more information, please visit the above URL.

[Okinawa performances]
Date: 2015 / 3 / 1 ( day) doors open at 15:30 start (open 16:00
place: Okinawa sakurazaka Central
Contact: Cherry Hill Central 098-861-8505


NOTTV ' 好gi's anime Shoko Nakagawa--cum! "Broadcast time change notification.

Shoko Nakagawa has served as MC NOTTV ' 好gi's anime Shoko Nakagawa--!! "But it is
12/5 times more broadcast time will be changed!
Every Friday 20:00-20:30. ( reruns and )

Please check the program website for more information!

Shoko Nakagawa live tour 2014 'greed revolution toy WE SHOP at Watanabe shopping on sale decision!

Shoko Nakagawa live tour 2014 'greed revolution toy WE SHOP at Watanabe shopping on sale decision!

Shoko Nakagawa greed Revolution Tour goods
12 / 1 (-)-WE SHOP at the market
12 / 5 ( Fri )-Watanabe shops sell

For more information please visit here!

Shoko Nakagawa live by 2015-Shokotan sound back road--ticket information announced!


11 / 16 ( ) Anson live @Zepp DiverCity TOKYO day ticket information

11 / 16 (Sun), held at Tokyo-Zepp Diver City "Shoko NakagawaPRODUCE LIVE ' Anson connects human beings! "supported by d Afro Samurai ' is slightly in number, the decided ticket with CD"Shokotan ☆ lid bangai hen"sold on the day.

Sales start from 14:00. The number is limited, so please please hurry to purchase.

[Show details]
Shoko NakagawaPRODUCE LIVE ' Anson connects human beings! "supported by d anime store
Re: 11/16/2014 (days)
place:ZEPP Diver City
Time: [part 1] OPEN 14:00 and START 15:00 [part 2] OPEN 17:30 and START 18:30
[Part 1] angela, Tominaga TOMMY Hiroaki, Rika Matsumoto, Pile
[Part 2] Naomi Tamura, Aya Hirano, and Sasaki Isao
MC supporters (part 1, part 2): Yoshida, Ki




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