Cast smile Super Conference 3 WOWOW booth!

4 / 26 Sun, 27, Chiba, WOWOW booth at Nico Nico douga-meeting 3 held at Makuhari Messe in ' Super Basketball area! By WOWOW ' in MC and Shoko Nakagawa appeared the extra week Friday cursor!

4 / 26 and visitors to (Saturday) morning, receive talks highlights Friday cursor charm and birthday live 5 / 5 go to live!
You guys check out Nico Nico live or would like visitors to place a live!

More information will be presented in here!

Live coverage decision by TOKYO SHOKO ☆ LAND, WOWOW!

5 / 5 ( Mon, holiday ), WOWOW, ' live! TOKYO SHOKO ☆ LAND 2014-RPG with unknown memories ~ "of broadcasting decision! WOWOW site

5 / 10 (Saturday) KAWAii! NiPPON EXPO 2014 cast decisions

Large EXPO 5/10 (Saturday), can experience the pop culture of the made in Japan at Makuhari Messe, the performer! For more information, seeSCHEDULE

En child hot movie "TOKYO TRIBE cast!

Garden child hot latest movie "TOKYO TRIBE, Shoko Nakagawa appeared! "Tokyo" in the near future on the stage ramp street gang, Kiki action entertainment! Starring ryohei Suzuki of Mela and sea help the YOUNG DAIS said,. Shoko Nakagawa appeared as one of the gorgeous cast cast team unleash an overwhelming personality. Stay tuned! TOKYO TRIBE 8/30 (Saturday) Shinjuku Wald 9 other theatres nationwide

4th album '9 lives' information, after another UPDATE! Jake Photography ban!

About 3 and a half years after the original album will be released to 4/2!
We will releasing in the place of talk & live information (^ ω ^)

★ album details
Shoko Nakagawa4th Album 9 lives (released 4/2) all 3 forms
-Limited Edition
[CD+DVD + booklet + original + luxury designed BOX]
Price: SRCL-8501-8503 Japan 9,999 Yen + tax
* Limited Edition is designed BOX for limited quantity. Please book in advance.
-Limited Edition [CD+DVD]
Price: 4,167 Yen + tax SRCL-8504-8505
-Standard Edition [CD only]
Price: 2,917 Yen + tax SRCL-8506

Origin of the "9 lives' ★
"A cat has nine lives. Cat nine lives and "
From that cat has nine lives and the reborn many times
I mean cat doggedly, easy to die.

★ full Edition, luxury BOX design announcement! (2014.2.24 UPDATE!!)
As the treasure chest store OK, important thing can decorate room OK, time capsule still OK!
Please get the luxury BOX here!

★ jacket lifted! (2014.2.10 UPDATE!!)
☆ fully production limited edition / limited edition
☆ Standard Edition

★ design by "mmts"! Determine contents of the Deluxe Edition! (2014.2.2 UPDATE!!)
CD jacket and the complete limited edition ( SRCL-8501-8503 ) luxury BOX design,
By Shoko Nakagawa and BEAMS co-produced fashion brand "mmts"!

Determine the details of limited edition!
■ "Mmts" Shoko Nakagawa and BEAMS co-produced fashion design luxury BOX specification
■ "mmts" jacket picture art t-shirt design
■ Shoko Nakagawa writers debut! 'Cat' concept together all talents Shoko Nakagawa book booklet, such as content: essays, novels, illustrations
■ bonus DVD (Limited Edition with contents common)

★ bonus DVD contents presentation!! (2014.1.31 UPDATE!!)
Limited Edition ( SRCL-8501-8503 ) and
Sealed limited edition ( SRCL-8504-8505 ) into DVD contents here!
1) "9 lives" music video
2) Digest live footage ( hereafter, for 2 days-)
(1) TOKYO SHOKO ☆ LAND 2013-dream and magic and greedy world ~ @ Mai Beach Ampitheater
2 chaos @Zepp Sapporo

★ talk & live place limited, reservation rewards (2014.1.28 UPDATE!!)
We see Shokotan sound back tour"live place, we will start from 1/31/2014 (Friday)
Available upon reservation of the 4th album will be released on 4/2/2014 (Wednesday) "9 lives".

■ Reservation Rewards details
On the day of at the place charged to guests booking in advance we present in the first place limited raw photos.
Even though! Would you believe it! may have each performed random in the autograph! Do not miss this opportunity!
* Live Tour has ended.

★ World cat music video "9 lives", recruit your cat!
Recruiting and the cat you love pictures and videos
Produced the music video world's cat appeared in the song of the same title name "9 lives"!
※ Recruitment is now closed. Thank you for your application! To enjoy the PV open!


TOKYO SHOKO ☆ LAND FC "Giza pink! ' Decision 2: pre-orders

Past-present-future of beyond time and space to the legendary OASIS SHOKO LAND journey begins. Various difficulties were waiting there wandered into the world of RPG. Kaleidoscope-like the music... mixed with greedy entertainment spice country of dreams and magic, to overcome it all to fit I have to move in they show kicks off. Kinoshita Natsuko Mukai kikuo [STAFF] [Music Director: Kohei Tanaka [Director] [choreographer] performance overview ■ dates: 5/4/2014 (Sunday), 5, ( Mon, holiday ) ■ hours: noon / concert venue / 12:15 concert 13:00 concert night / open / 16:15 start 17:00 ■ location: Mai Beach Amphitheatre ■ Ticket fee: ¥ 6,250 (excl. tax) [all seats reserved] * more than 3 years old need a ticket ■ General ticket release date: 4/5/2014 (Saturday)-Lawson ticket 0570-084-003 / / (PC and mobile) and Lawson, ministop store Loppi [L-code: 77115]-ticket PIA 0570-02-9999 / (PC and mobile) / 7-Eleven, Circle K, Sunkus, ticket PIA stores [P-code: 220-699] - e + (PC and mobile) and FamilyMart store Fami port - DISK GARAGE GetTicket / ■ contact: disk garage: 050-5533-0888 (weekdays 12: 00-19: 00)

Disney on ice 2014 became the Japan tour special supporters!

Disney on ice 2014 became the Japan tour special supporter!


Disney on ice has been delivering dreams in more than 70 countries are generations watch live entertainment. Will deliver stories three stories appeared to the story of the Princess who dare to dream-never give up theme this year Japan concert 29-year Disney Princess who flies adventure, your dreams come true.

PR supporters became the two lovely women, representing 'never quit Princess' but that this year's theme. One person's Shoko Nakagawa who act as Rapunzel tangled Tower on Japan at show attractions story also is in. As a voice actor will be PR to Rapunzel's appeal. And Sweety comedians that figure skating talent is another one morning Yoko. Morning Sweety she has will convey rendition of the show's greatness and scale the size of the taut body by saying "never give up" Princess challenge to challenge in the specials and shows.


Disney on ice official site:

9 lives Asia Tour 2014 to be held!

The summer of 2014, world tour held decision! "Shoko NakagawaShoko Nakagawa Live in Hong Kong - 9 lives Asia Tour 2014" ■ dates: 7/30/2014 (Wednesday) ■ @E-max show thatSCHEDULE at ☆ "Giza pink! "For official tours. Details are announced shortly! (Planned)

7 / 13 (Sunday), SUN BURST 2014 cast decisions!

See SUN BURST 2014 - SHIKO CHU BEACH ROCK FESTIVAL - performer! ■ schedule: fureai place: Shikoku central city samukawa toyooka Kaihin Park 7/13/2014 (Sunday) ■ Beach ■ performers: BRAHMAN/Ken Yokoyama/10-FEET/HEY-SMITH/C &K/Shoko Nakagawa/HAWAIIAN6/rega for details on SCHEDULE!

Determine the official FC greedy Board of 11 more!

Visit the fan club page for more information! Members who join ago (Monday) 5/5 application will also enable ヽ (≧ ▽ ≤)-"were «unaccepted fan club to: How do I join here»



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