[Giza pink! : Guide to greed of photo sales start

Great for waiting we have!
We will start sale of photos taken in the greed of sponsor members only event was held the other day!

Sign up at the following site you would like to purchase.

[Photo sales site:

* Was handed out to your application at the event ID and password is required.
Please purchase only those who choose to participate in the event.
* Registration is one month from today.

To our customers we pursue total 3,000 yen or more, Shokotan signs with special photos!
Sign will be printed.

Packed Shokotan and smile a lot! ★
Please see the site!

[Giza pink! : LIVE TOUR 2014 greed revolution backstage invitation planning Admissions Guide

Thank for your support the Shoko Nakagawa, thank you.
In the greed revolution of Shoko Nakagawa LIVE TOUR2014 ~ each place starting on 10 / 12 sponsor "Giza pink! "The dressing room after the end members are invited!
It was held at the whole place.
Members who join in membership from this and live place also allows entry! Come join this opportunity is INE ★

* Join the lottery system. In the event you can join all of those applicants who have is not. Please note that should the

You have members of tickets for each performance [current members and new members] .
Have each performed [on the day of admission: tickets for the performances on the day of our membership
* Day? joining until the day before in place acceptance we will.
* Each performance per, per person will apply for only one. (S-performance entries)

[Application period]

Please note that the performances, depends on the deadline.
[A]1/2014 12:00-9/3 (water) 23:59
-10 / 12 (day) Tokyo-Zepp Diver City Tokyo
-10 / 13 ( Mon, national holiday ) City Diver in Zepp Tokyo, Tokyo
-10 / 18 (SAT) Aichi-Nagoya Zepp
-10 / 19 Zepp Nagoya, Aichi (days)

【B】 1/2014 12:00-9 / 17 (water) 23:59
-10 / 25 (SAT) Osaka morinomiya Miya Piloti Hall
-10 / 26 ( day ) Osaka morinomiya Miya Piloti Hall
-10 / 31 ( Fri ) Tokyo and EX-THEATER ROPPONNGI
-11 / 1 (SAT) Tokyo and EX-THEATER ROPPONNGI

【C】 9 / 22 ) 12:00-for (-10/1 (water) 23:59
-11 / 3 ( Mon, national holiday ) Zepp Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
-11 / 8 (SAT) Fukuoka and Zepp Fukuoka

[How to apply]
Required information below the above each entry registration period by email please apply.

Subject: Giza pink! Backstage invitation request
Full text:
-' Giza pink! "Membership number
1. your name
Your date of birth
• Please place name (example: 10 / 18 Zepp Nagoya )
-Contact phone number


[Winners announced]
On the day of the concert, after the show fan club "Giza pink! ' The announce booth! After the concert please check within 10 minutes.
[If you were elected:
Fan Club ' at Giza pink! "Together in the booth, please follow the instructions of the staff.
We forward your application!

Cautionary notes:
-Sponsor "Giza pink! "Event for members who it is. Not eligible for non-members.
Join now from now even offers apply. Admission procedures, fill out where you state the membership number contact.
-Join the lottery system. In the event you can join all of those applicants who have is not. Please note that should the
-Tickets for the performance is required to participate in this project. Not only event participation. Please note that.
-Winners announced to perform at the place performances on the day.
-Per person will be apply once per show. Place is can apply to multiple performances, but for one performance had multiple entries with the same membership number
Also cancel the submission if AI Kozaki is. Please note that.
• Applicants after cancellation, change is not. Please note that.

"TOKYO TRIBE' premiere stage greeting decision!

Premiere movie that takes place in the Shinjuku Wald 9 "TOKYO TRIBE' will be appeared on stage greeting!

● Shinjuku Wald 9
[Date] 8 / 30 (SAT) [1] 14:40 annual screenings after the / [2] 17:50 annual screenings
[Speaker] ryohei Suzuki, YOUNG DAIS, Qing vegetable name, Ryuta SATO, Park child hot Director, Santa Inoue (original story),
Riki Takeuchi, Shunsuke Daito, Takuya Ishida, YUI Ichikawa cloth, Mika Kano, Shoko Nakagawa, Ishii courage ( パンダユナイテッド )
Sakaguchi shiori harp
[Fee] all seats: uniform ¥ 2,000
[P code: 553-414]
[How to buy tickets:
*[Ticket PIA] will be sold in only.
* Special tickets are not available.
To see more than 15-year-old ( ) * R15 +.

[Leading lottery sales 'pre-reserve']
■ submission deadline: 8/16 (SAT) 11:00 AM-8/22 (gold) 11:00 AM deadline after the lottery
■ lottery result announcement: 18:00 around the 8/22 (gold)
and pre-reserve? [Notes on the leading lottery sales»
* Tickets sold per person up to four and will be happy.
* After the enrolment deadline changes, and ticket refunds and changes after the election is not possible. Please note that.
* services can be purchased after the deadline for advance tickets and pre-reserve is.
It is not what * always priority seating will be provided.
* If your applications determine the winners at the lottery. (But not served)
* Is your application anytime OK. If during the application period. (Except the maintenance time)

8/23 (SAT) 10:00 AM sale started
* Internet, near the ticket PIA at a convenience store, below or phone book.
* Tickets sold per person up to four and will be happy.
* You cannot choose your seat.
* Make sure the ticket PIA shop, convenience store below redemptions on the please come to the theater.
* Not in theater ticket in Exchange.

■ Internet purchase
Common PC-MB *

■ direct purchase
Ticket PIA shop opening hours 10:00-20:00 (varies by store opening hours)
Seven - eleven hours 0 : 00-24:00 ( on the first sale 10:00 ~ )
Circle K Sunkus operating hours morning 5:30-midnight 2:00 ( on the first sale 10:00 ~ )

■ phone book
Audio auto response TEL:0570-02-9999
-Inquiries about tickets purchase is
Tel:0570-02-9111 or, please.

* If the speaker will change also, note that please.
* Purchase at resale is strictly prohibited.
* Shooting with a video camera in the Hall, recordings, and recordings are strictly prohibited.
※ If you get shot of the mass communication media, coverage. Please note that there is a possibility that when guests reflected on the video.
* Tickets purchased after changes or refunds are not. Please note that.

[Official site]

Shoko Nakagawa プロデュースアニソン LIVE ticket with CD reservation now!


Today [Shoko NakagawaPRODUCE LIVE ' Anson connects human beings! ' Afro Samurai supported by d] of tickets with the LIVE CD "Shokotan ☆ lid bangai hen' we start booking sales Lawson ministop store Lawson ticket and national ″loppi″. Limited quantity, first is the end lasts, so early to reserve!

CD book and more information, click here!

LIVE TOUR 2014 greed Revolution website is open!

LIVE TOUR 2014 greed revolution site was OPEN!

-Updated! For a tour of Bang MOVIE
-Listen to rare songs! Local レアソング reception
-Toy information

And so on, exhaustive information about the TOUR!

Everyone is taking the greed revolution, let's boost the TOUR.

[LIVE TOUR 2014 greed revolution site]

8/15 appeared in the ceremonial first pitch at the MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima!

8/15 (Fri) Hiroshima carp vs Yomiuri Giants 18:00 prior to play ball,
Ceremonial first pitch by Disney on ice special supporter Shoko Nakagawa is done!
Pattern of the ceremonial first pitch will be broadcast during the relay Hiroshima TV.

For more information please see here .

Shoko NakagawaLIVE TOUR 2014 greed revolution rocker leading underway!

10 / 12 is conducting lottery Lawson ticket presale starting on (date) "Shoko NakagawaLIVE TOUR 2014 'greed 'of revolution.

[Request URL]

BlueHost is 8 / 17 until (date) 23:59!
8 / 30 is a chance ahead of General ticket sales (SAT), quickly purchased tickets.
Please come!

The most recent mini-album released! Shoko Nakagawa produced live held decision!

5 / 4 (day), 5 / 5 ( Mon, celebrated ) to birthday live in maihama amphitheatre ' TOKYO SHOKO ☆ LAND2014-RPG memories of unknown ' of Anson served as the Music Director of this live, held to commemorate the Mr.Tanaka fairness of summary "Shokotan ☆ lid extra' 9 / 24's (water) will be released!

Opening theme for TV anime "ONE PIECE", "we are! "' ウィーゴー! "Including the games 'Sakura wars" theme song ' manifesto! Teikoku kagekidan ', Shokotan confidence is a big fan of anime ' theme song for JoJo's bizarre adventure "JoJo-the blood of destiny-" also cover!

The limited edition ' TOKYO SHOKO ☆ LAND2014-RPG memories of unknown "5 / 5 night W Encore until full-length recorded performances of!
Is a booklet with Ultra-Deluxe Edition of live scenes.

-' TOKYO SHOKO ☆ LAND 2014-RPG with unknown memories ~ "Shokotan ☆ lid bangai hen
Produced by Kohei Tanaka

9 / 24 ( ) release
-Limited Edition ( CD+DVD ): 7,000 yen (tax excluded)
* Three-way tall BOX specifications
* Deluxe booklet with
-Regular Edition (CD only): 2,000 yen (tax excluded)

[CD track listings
01 ' 2009! "(ONE PIECE TV anime first opening theme)
02 ' ウィーゴー! "(TV anime ONE PIECE 15 Bill opening theme)
03 ' manifesto! Teikoku kagekidan "(Sakura taisen Sakura taisen games theme song-TV anime opening theme)
04 ' JoJo-the blood of destiny-"( TV anime Jojo's bizarre adventure part 1 song intro )
05 unknown memory
06 OASIS-There's a Place

[DVD track listings * limited edition only
[Stage-1: beginning of the journey to OASIS search]
Upside-down world
millefeuille nights
Shortcake adventure
Sounds good!
pretty please chocolate on top
Miracle a Go! Go!
[Stage-2: mysteries of the deep sea]
[Stage-3: Colosseum in flames and friendship]
Continuing chaos
TYRANT too young
Red love poison caries
ヌイグルマー Z
Chocolat chaud
[Stage-4: labyrinth of hope forest]
Once Upon a Time \u2012 キボウノウタ-
White Butterfly Dream
[Stage-5: to the future]
Rosy life
In praise of love
Unknown memory
[Stage-6: beyond time and space to OASIS]
We can do it!
Rainbow forecast
Sorairo days
9 lives
Curtain call
OASIS-There's a Place
Geki! Teikoku kagekidan
Jojo-the blood of destiny-
Kind of tears, smile flowers
W Encore
Sorairo days


Held 11 / 16, Shoko Nakagawa プロデュースアニソン LIVE!

< center >< img alt = "%E3%82%AD%E3%83%A3%E3%83%97%E3%83%81%E3%83%A3%E3%83%BC.jpg" src = "" width = "1185" height = "687" / >< / Center >
11/16 [NakagawaPRODUCE LIVE Shoko see Anson connects human beings! ' Afro Samurai supported by d] of meeting has been decided.
Be seen that Anson could not hear it live until now, also in collaboration with special guests...!
9/24 from the release "Shokotan ☆ lid bangai hen', do my sing song unison cover.

Event outline
■ event name:Shoko NakagawaPRODUCE LIVE ' Anson connects human beings! "supported by d anime store
■ date: 11/16/2014 (days)
■ place:Zepp Diver City
■ time: [part 1] OPEN 14:00 and START 15:00 [part 2] OPEN 17:30 and START 18:30
■ Guest: [part 1] angela, Tominaga TOMMY Hiroaki, Rika Matsumoto [part 2] Naomi Tamura, Aya Hirano

[How to join]
' TOKYO SHOKO ☆ LAND 2014-RPG with unknown memory-"Shokotan ☆ lid bangai hen Produced by Kohei Tanaka ( through Standard Edition SRCL-8603 ), ″loppi″ Lawson ticket ( ) and nationwide Lawson ministop stores sell ticket with CD customers subject to reservation and purchase the I want to be a.

* Lawson ticket HP

* 8/15 CD book sale started! Lasts, will be closing early to reserve your.
* Lawson ticket special: ' TOKYO SHOKO ☆ LAND 2014-RPG relatively unknown memory-"live raw photo ( out of all three random 1 ) presents
Check Lawson ticket HP ( * for detailed information how to purchase

■ live special HP
* Other event details click here please

Summer fest limited edition toy released!

Summer festival circuit Shokotan starts tomorrow!
Are cute towel cannot get September Festival place is only 8 months, now.
To equip, might be even more CHOW summer festivals!

Tomorrow 8 / 9 ROCK IN JAPAN FES2014 (SAT) the place is!
Please purchase travel.

-Towel ショコマミドット ( 2014 サマーブラック )
Approximately 124 cm x 21 cm dye print and 1,800 yen tax included
* No sales scheduled. Please note that.



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